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Maple Delite’s banquet hall provides the best ambience for any sort of organization or personal events. Apart from providing good value for money for any personal events, we also specialize in taking care of custom event of any corporate office. Social Gathering, Press Meets, Exhibitions, Conferences, etc. all can be held in the banquet hall with the desired requirements. If you are looking for best banquet hall in Lucknow, we are here to serve you the best. And when it comes to personal events, we are the top provider of banquet halls in Lucknow with many giant and satisfied clients. The Banquet Hall at Maple Delite is fully air conditioned with an approximate capacity of 500 persons. We can offer you all the facilities and amenities that you might need to plan any function with ease and success.

Banquet Amenities

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Centralised Ac
Huge Space
Parking Area
Lavish Decor
Easy Catering
Buffet Service
DJ Facility